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Take a look at this tip on Jake's site:


. The gist is that soft page breaks are put in by your editing software to
conform to the paper size, margins set, and the view used, whereas hard page
breaks are the ones which the scanning software will insert in the book to
separate the actual pages of the book. The conversion software used by
Bookshare uses only the hard page breaks to determine page numbering, so
they are the ones which matter and which need to be placed correctly/need to
be present to mark each page in the book in order for the book to be
accepted. When checking your page location in a word processor, though, if
the hard page breaks are all present and in the correct places, the word
processor might still report a different page number than the actual page of
the book that you're on because of the soft page breaks it's inserted to
conform to paper/margin size/view, in which case you adjust those parameters
in the word processor of choice to trash the soft page breaks. So, if you
want to be sure that all page breaks are present, a quick way to do it in MS
Word is to set Normal view, set up some large Custom paper size in File >
Page Setup that will probably eliminate all soft page breaks, then check the
last page and see if it's reported with the same page number as there are
number of pages altogether in the book including front matter.

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What is the difference between a hard page break and a soft page break?

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