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What is the difference between a hard page break and a soft page break? In  a 
message dated 7/24/2008 8:57:20 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, ckarnos@xxxxxxxxx 

Hi Mary,

The number of soft page breaks in a book doesn't matter;  it's the number of 
hard page breaks that does.  If your book's number of  page breaks is within 
10% of the actual number of pages in the book, then it  should be approved 
(assuming everything else is okay). I'm training a  replacement for me, since 
going on a 2-week business trip, but clearly  there was some miscommunication 
between us. Please upload your book and I'll  take a look at it.


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Hello.  I need a  crash course on soft page breaks.  I had a book 
returned with the  following explanation: There are too many soft page 
breaks.  This has  nearly doubled page count.  Please remove
I am using XP Home, with  Kurzweil 11.  How does one detect soft page 
breaks, and what is the  best way to eliminate them?
Thanks much!
Mary Stephens. 

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