[bksvol-discuss] Re: So what did we decide?

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  • Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 13:48:28 -0500

regarding .txt files.

I ran a test using word 2003 and no it did not retain pagebreaks in .txt

I know k1k retains them and am fairly confident that at least the last
couple of versions of openbook do as well.

Beyond that i can't comment.
What i would like to know is, what is the compelling reason to submit in
.txt since an rtf is only 20 to 40% bigger depending on how much formatting
is preserved?

Even for someone using a dialup connection, this should not present a
substancial burier to submission and or validation.

-- Rui
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> The problem, Rui, seems to be that the hard page breaks aren't retained in
txt files. I have no problem putting them in, but when I tried putting them
into a txt file I was validating, when I openedit again to work on after
having saved it, with hard breaks and italics where they were supposed to
be, neither was retained. Have you seen txt files with hard page breaks?
Have you yourself been able to validate one and put in hard breaks that are
retained? Maybe it's just my machine. I have a suspicion that, though I'm
working, or think I'm working, on the txt document, the machine might
automaically be using Word, though it doesn't say so --it says plain text.
If I used something other than Text Only, such as Text with Line Breaks or
MS DOS Text or MS-DOS Text wiht Line Breaks, or Unicode Text, would that
make a difference? I thought when I asked once a while ago I was told to use
the Text Only, but maybe that's the problem. I can't remember if I tried any
of the others recently
>  , although I did the very first time and it didn't make a difference -- 
but that was when I'd validated in word and converted back.
> Cindy
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