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Hi Cindy. I know you're frustrated right now. A lot of us want the new books
bug to be fixed. I also see that it makes maintaining your lists very
difficult for now. I have to agree with Carrie that it is pretty amazing
that we have been able to download books without an interruption, and that's
a pretty noteworthy thing. With programming code, just typing one letter or
punctuation symbol wrong is enough to crash a whole program or part of a
website. If you have thousands of lines of code like Bookshare does,
figuring out the cause of the bug and then finding the messed up lines of
code can be time-consuming. That's what happened to Amazon over Christmas
two years ago and to the Microsoft shopping portal this year. Unlike Amazon
and Microsoft, the Benetech engineers kept the site working and the good
books flowing through the internet. I think the engineering staff have done
a very nice job of responding to issues, and I can't imagine how frustrating
it could be for them if a bug is caused by having just a letter or symbol
out of place. That happens to me sometimes when I'm writing a web page, and
it makes me want to pull my hair out! Sometimes it takes me an hour to find
a pesky equal sign that's missing from a line of HTML.


I don't intend to minimize your frustration. The new books page is very
important and is a highly visible page on the Bookshare site. I want it
fixed yesterday. If I put myself in the engineers' shoes though, I know it
can't be done all at once. So I'm trying to stay focused on what I can still
do with Bookshare and am praying that the engineers will find a solution
that fixes the problem correctly as well as quickly. I have no direct
control in this issue, and focusing my attention elsewhere helps me to stop
getting upset about the bug.


Monica Willyard

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Having been in the software industry for 25 years in Silicon Valley, the new
Bookshare website is doing quite well. Not perfect, but pretty good for such
a massive overhaul of the entire system. For one thing, the system has been
up the entire time. This doesn't sound like it would be hard to do, but
actually it is a major accomplishment! Things could be MUUUUUUUUUUCH worse.
Trust me on this!




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So many problems!! I guess engineering will have to
prioritize and some of us won't be happy. But
submissions and uploading take precedence,  should
think, over just knowing what's new. On the other
hand, if the recent additions aren't known, no one can
download them unless he/she is waiting for a
particular book and keeps checking the collection. Is
this sort of a Catch 22? Not exactly, I know, but sort
of?(I started reading that book but gave up).


--- Carrie Karnos <ckarnos@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Shannon,
> If it's any consolation to you, I tried to put 3
> books into the collection this afternoon, and only
> got 1 in. One book generated an internal error on
> the very last submit button, but the other one
> bombed out before I could enter its ISBN number. The
> good news is that every time an internal error is
> generated, an email is automatically sent to
> Engineering, so they are aware that there's been a
> problem for a couple of days with submitting books.
> Hopefully they will come up with a solution sooner
> rather than later!
> Carrie
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> Subject: [bksvol-discuss] I can not submit at all
> So, I've taken everyone's suggestions, opening the 
> file in word, making a tiny change, and then,
> resaving it. My books have no 
> apostrophes in the titles. Still, they will not
> submit. Every time I try, I get 
> the same message about an unknown internal error.
> So, what am I to do? I've 
> tried three times with one book, and twice with
> another. I'm really frustrated, 
> at this point. Any help would be appreciated.
> Shannon
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