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Hi Susan,

Yes, there are several ways to do this. Within the general rule of 4:2 you can 
pick font sizes as long as body text is smaller than 14.

4:2 is shorthand for:

Any book may have only four levels of navigation. 
Each level must be separated by at least two points. 
Body text must be under 14 points

But since our converters change all files to a standard 20-18-16-14-12 point 
spread it makes some sense for volunteers to adopt that also

Scott Rains
Bookshare Volunteer Coordinator, Interim
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Hello Everyone,

Hmmm, as with many things it seems there may be several ways of doing this. 
When a book has only chapters, I set my body text to 14, chapters to 16 and 
title to 18. It was my understanding (or lack of it, not sure of which) that 
body text should not be set below 14. Any comments would be appreciated!

Susan, The Happy Proofreader
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