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Hi Grace,

Yes, once you know a book has been added it would be very helpful to notify 


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Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Re: Sister of the sword off wish list

Hi Lissi:

If you’re looking at the excel sheet that Scott sent, it initially opens on to 
the currently being scanned books.  There are several sheets. Control page up 
and control page down let’s you move through the different sheets. Each sheet 
is labeled when you flip through them so you know which sheet you’re on.
So sister of the sword is listed on currently being scanned list.
I don’t know if it’s anywhere else because I haven’t look through the entire 

Hope this helps.
Scott, once a book is added to the collection do we email the being scanned 
address to notify of the addition?

Can someone post that address? I have a brain freeze ths morning. I need coffee 
I guess.

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Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Sister of the sword off wish list

Dear Scot,

Evan is scanning and I'm proofreading Sister of the Sword so you can remove it 
from the wish list. Grace is aware that we'll be adding this book.

Always with love,


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