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Hi, everyone!  Sorry I haven't responded until now to the inquiries about my 
music.  I was up really late last night, working on updates to my Web site. 
I tried to respond, but I couldn't get my e-mail to go through.  Since it 
was after 3 A.M., I figured I'd wait until this morning. <Smile>

Thanks, Pat and Mike, for your sweet compliments.  Pat, to answer your 
question, yes, I have two other CD's.  They are both fairly recent releases. 
My favorite, "Trouble Deep, Mercy Wide," was released a little over a year 
ago.  It's contemporary Christian; I suppose it would be classified as 
inspirational or light pop.  The latest one is called "Joy Unspeakable," and 
it's a collection of hymns that i recorded especially for my dad.  They both 
have a soulful sound, kind of jazz meets pop meets gospel. <Smile>

You will find all of my music at my Web site
if you want to check them out.  You can purchase them on-line as well.  I 
think you were having problems with the list when I told everyone about my 
newsletter, JJMNews.  You can subscribe to that by sending a blank e-mail to
with the word Subscribe in the subject field.

I'm not sure that I'll be able to make it tomorrow night, but I'll try.  It 
sounds like fun!  I was impressed with the technology that OcuSource used 
for their expo a couple of weeks ago.  They had several entertainment 
sessions, where they would interview folks and then play their music.  One 
night I e-mailed a couple of MP3's over for them to play.  It would be fun 
to learn how to do that.  Then maybe we could have an on-line conference 
call.  I'd love to learn how to do that, because I think it's a great way to 
introduce your music to people when you don't have the benefit of a record 

Well, sorry this post is so long! <Smile>  Gotta get back to work... or 
maybe get a cup of coffee!  These late hours don't do a whole lot for my 
presence of mind! <LOL>  Take care, everyone!


Jana Jackson
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