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Actually with the new Stream you can do a search, but maybe it is in text forms.


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  I agree that indexes are tough and rarely used. However, for someone doing 
research they might come in handy.

  So, before deciding whether to scan it ask yourself how likely your book is 
to be used as part of a research topic? The fact that it even has an index 
means that someone thought it important enough to work one up.

  I don't know what software you are using, but please don't let it create 
tables for the index. They are almost impossible to navigate in Daisy.

  One page per scan would be sufficient. I wouldn't waste much time editing.

  Just my thoughts.

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    I am currently scanning a book with which I am almost finished. In order to 
get the best scan possible I have been scanning one page at a time and reading 
and correcting each page before I go on to the next one. As I approach the 
index I am considering some things. Since I lost my eyesight twenty-one years 
ago I have never used an index and back when I was reading print books I rarely 
used them. On the few occasions that I did use an index I was writing research 
papers and I was looking for specific information with no intention of actually 
reading the entire book in question. It occurs to me that every use I have ever 
had for an index and every use that I can think of that anyone else would have 
for an index can be accomplished much more easily with the search functions 
built into nearly, and possibly all, devices that are likely to be used to read 
books in electronic format. These considerations plus the fact that if I do 
scan the index, especially if I scan it the way I have been scanning the rest 
of the book, I will be in for a really tedious and boring job, make me wonder 
if I should bother with it. What are your opinions?

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