[bksvol-discuss] Re: Should I keep editing this?

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I did a find for Penguin on my downloaded copy of the list of publishers. and 
some of the books are Safe; my list may be old;  it was downloaded in July 2010 
but modified Dec. 6 2011 so it should be up-to-date. What is the subsidiary or 
partner of Penguin that your book is published by? It's probably easier for you 
to tell me than for me to give you the whole list--wait. I'll check the title 
on amazon.com. The publisher is Tarcher and that is Safe. It sounds like a 
delightfl book, and one I should have bought for mydaughtere.

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>Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Should I keep editing this? 
>   HI all,
>I have been slowly cleaning up a book I scanned for myself last summer. 
>There's a fair amount of formatting issues and lines that didn't scan cleanly 
>that I'll have to work on, so it's a slow process.. It isn't in the collection 
>already, but I just noticed that it's published by a subsidiary or  partner of 
>Penguin.  I'm thinking Penguin is on our  PQ list, so I'm wondering if it's 
>worth proceeding.  Two other books I scanned in the last year got rejected 
>because a  PQ edition beat them into the  collection.  Of course, a PQ version 
>of this book would be way better than all the work, but it was such a funny 
>book that I wanted others to be able to have access to this.  The book is 
>called "MILK MEMOS
>Just wondering how  the rest of you decide whether a book you wanted for 
>yourself anyway is  worth it
 when the publisher might add a PQ version.
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