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Wonderful timing for this list in light of my recent call for book suggestions 
that might make it easier to recruit new members. Thanks!

So,, we need Gray and Ruby to compete this series? Does Gray come up on eBay or 

Scott Rains
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I do not remember who spurred the initial interest in old teen mysteries and 
series, but wanted to let y'all know there are now three (1,2, 10), and  #4 (in 
the queue)  Connie Blair Mysteries in the collection.  For people who like to 
read in order, please be patient.  Between Jamie and me, we have all the 
titles, I think, except possibly Gray and Ruby, so if anyone can get those, 
please let me know and we will keep looking for them.  Ruby comes up on eBay 
regularly, but goes for $45 -$90 a copy, out of my range.

 1.  The Clue in Blue (1948)
 2.  The Riddle in Red (1948)
 3.  Puzzle in Purple (1948)
 4.  The Secret of Black Cat Gulch (1948)
 5.  The Green Island Mystery (1949)
 6.  The Ghost Wore White (1950)
 7.  The Yellow Warning (1951)
 8.  The Gray Menace (1953)
 9.  The Brown Satchel Mystery (1954)
 10. Peril in Pink (1955)
 11. The Silver Secret (1956)
 12. The Mystery of the Ruby Queens (1958)

Hope others enjoy these as much as I do!
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