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Hey guys gauging possible interest.  My library has a series of ten books on 
all kinds of animals.  They are a kind of encyclopedia.  with different 
volumes on different kinds of animals.

It is designed for middle school but honestly I think adults would find them 
very helpful too, as a resource on information.
the books cover, habitat, voices, description of color, and habits and 
living as well as how the different animals are related.  It also goes into 
detail about structure, like the Herbivore book talks about the differences 
in hooves between an elephant, a rhino, a deer, a camel and a horse.  As 
well as teeth, and other things that make each class of mammal unique. 
There are also more volumes on Birds, reptiles, Amphibians, insects and 

There are:
1. Small Carnivores
2. Large Carnivores
3. Sea Mammals
4. Primates
5. Large Herbivores
6. Ruminants
7. Rodents
8. Rodents II
9. Insectivores
10. Marsupials.

Anyway I am cleaning up the first two, but if there is an interest for them 
I don't mind doing the others.

They are about one hundred pages each.

But let me know if I should proceed with this resource.  It is not available 
in alternate format anywhere else.

Shelley L. Rhodes and Judson, guiding golden
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