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Thanks to Kenneth Cross for scanning this book for me. Kurzweil, for
whatever reason, did not do the page count right when I tried to scan it
myself, and I never had this problem with any other book. It has a lot of
Greek and I think Hebrew transliteration in it, so spell check and ranked
spelling will have to take that into account. But if you want a conservative
Biblical Theology text, this is a good one for class.

Biblical Theology: Old and New Testaments
Geerhardus Vos
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Brief Synopsis:
Scholarly discussion of biblical interpretation.
Version Comment:
Excellent, almost no errors.
Long Synopsis:

Religion and Spirituality

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User: Kenneth Cross

Many Greek and Latin words so spell-checking must be based on that
realization. Also if the validator desires it, I can send the print book for
Thanks again Kenneth, who has the book if anyone needs it.

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