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Dear Lissi, I'm pleased you enjoyed my little dogs story. Our dog shares five acres with four cats that he protects and plays with as though they belonged to him. At night they can often be found together sound asleep, . Poor dog loves every minet of it!
To get to the meat of it, You can use the find replace at any point because it is specificly looking for the section break. When it finds one it will replace it with the page break. The caret lower case b, is a special short hand for M S Word to recognize the section break, that is to say you cannot use a upper case b, or m. Let me tell you step by step what I've been doing.
1. My O C R program gives me a tif file that has a dot doc extension, This is a file format specifically for M S Word, it is basically a r t f type file.
2. I load the file into M S Word and do a save as, and Word converts it to a regular r t f format. This gives me a back up file in case I really screw up.
3. Next step is a Control H, which brings the Find and Replace routine, you can also do this from the alt file menu. enter the caret lower case b. Tab once to bring up the replace With, and enter a caret lower case m. Next do an ALT "A", will tell the routine to do all replacements that it can find. After you do the alt A listen to M S Words responce, it will tell you how many replacements it made. Hit the Escape Key to cancel the routine. Now this is important, save the file at this point! Trust me on this and just do it.
4. Now I reload the file and do an Control F, to bring up the find routine, MS Word responds, Find and Replace, don't worry about it, enter the caret Tilda, this is a shift grave accent. Do an Alt F and then an Escape and M S Word will put your cursor next to a nonbreaking hyphen, these are the hyphens that break a word over a page break. You can then use your left arrow to find the hyphen, do a cut and paste to rejoin the broken words. If you make a mistake, don't worry, just do an ALT and go to the edit menu an hit undo, you can actually go back several step, if need be. And if you have been saving regularly, well just dump and reload. If you need more let me know.
Hope you had a very good Thanks giving, Tom
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Dear Tom,

Thank you for the information. Do you use these key strokes at each section break, as the cursor is on the line below it? Or, do you go into some menu bar and those strokes, as you described below, then change the breaks for the whole book.

What if some have already been exchanged for page breaks as I have for the first 40 pages of this funny, imaginative collection of folk tales and myths.

I laughed a plenty at the ridiculous cat cleaning joke you sent. I spoil and love my dogs lavishly and get tearful at any description of hurtful things done to animals and usually beg the person to stop telling me before my heart breaks, but, your humor was an exercise in the absurd and I, who need humor in my life even more than usual, appreciated the change of pace and the little giggle.

It wasn't until I began meeting people on computer that I realized some people are genuinely offended by certain humor. It's made me caughtious now that I know humor makes some people seethe instead of laugh. I'm sure I have boundaries in what I consider funny, too, but I personally found your post a hoot. I'm sure everyone knows you meant no harm and we have to accept the fact that one person's joke is another's insult.

Recently I mailed a joke about Bush to 3 friends. Two of them raved about how funny it was and were busily passing it on. The third scolded me twice, calling me a few insulting things. Passive me, replied that I'd take her opinions about humor in to account in the future and dropped the matter, deleting the scoldings and not over reacting, leaving the friendship in tact.

When I get humor I think is in poor taste, I who never even mildly say bad words, I just delete it and avoid insencerity by not passing it on, and not writing to the person and raving about how funny it was. I think my lack of reaction gets my point across.

I think the longer we remain on a list, the more we come to know the complexity of its members and realize like real people, they are basicly wonderful, often better than most, but we've all got our tender spots.

Just a reminder since I've wandered so farr afield, I'm looking forward to learning more about using the commands you provided which you can review below.

Always With Love,


Hi I'll will jump in with the info, Find , carret lower case b. The carret is a shift six. and Replace with carret lower case m. That will change all of your section breaks to hard page breaks. Happy Thanksgiving.

Hi Cindy,
Different programs will handle section and page breaks differently. So to someone validating a book, it may appear that there are no page breaks, but they may not realize that section breaks are there.That could cause the validator to reject the book on the basis of no page

The BookShare system however handles each equally. The process for converting section breaks to page breaks is an easy find/replace in MS Word. If you're interested I'm sure Gerald or I could dig it out of the archive.

We're on a semester deal and this one is going well. I'm still hanging in with all A's at this point, there are just two weeks and then a week of finals left.

The weather? Kind of cool, 30s-50s generally, a lot cooler than what we became used to with this longer fall (in terms of weather).

I've been enjoying the lack of things hanging over my head and I've been able to get a lot of BookShare volunteering done these last couple of days as well.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Re: Section break page break
Interesting, Jake, I thought it did make a difference
and that's why Tom or someone changed all his section
breaks to page breaks. But you're more the expert at
this than I am. smile

I hope you're enjoying this brief break. Are you on a
semester or a quarter system? HNow's the weather where you are?


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