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Is there a reliable search string we can type to get books from series?



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Well, the only people who can change book titles are people with admin
privileges, who must be Bookshare employees. (You can change all the
meta-data of a book in the same screen, so accessing that screen must be
restricted.) If you want to send me a list of all book titles that need to
be changed, that would be great.
Generally, if a specific format has been started with one book, I try to
keep to the same format. If 90% of the books in a series have the same
format, I'll stick to that. But if a series has books that say Book 1,
Volume II, #3, Vol 4, and Book V, I'm changing them all to the same format,
whichever format I feel like at the moment. I ignore commas, but try to
keep the words consistent. In other words, I'll change the title of books
where their titles are Secrets of Droon, Secrets of Droon Series, The
Secrets of Droon, etc.


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Is there any way we could be of assistance to you with this task? IF so,
please be sure to let me know and I'd love to do it. Thanks.


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