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    Unfortunately, it's still necessary to "flip" between screens even with
a screen reader. I don't  know if it works on Macs like it does on Windows
systems, but you can open pages in new windows. The proceedures for Windows
is either right clicking the link and selecting open in new window from the
menu that appears or instead of pressing enter, press shift+enter.

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> -Thanks Mike, for that explanation. Those features
> would be useful for sighted people, too. I see the
> download list as a list of titles and authors. If I
> want to see synopses or ratings or who the scanner was
> I have to click on "Download" the title. Then all that
> information appears in another window, one that
> replaces, not appears with, the download list.
> Fortunately,since yesterday I wanted to download a lot
> of books that need fixing, with IE I could go back to
> the download list (but not with Netscape). But that
> was a lot of going back and forth.
> The features of your screen reader would, as I said,
> be usedful for sighted people, too. If the companies
> that make the JFW and Window-Eyes could make something
> like it for the general public as well, maybe the
> price could come down.
> Cindy
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