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Thanks for the explanation, Roger. Does anyone know if it's a different 
edition? I haven't deleted yet.


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Well explained, Roger.

Tim, a better label might have been "Use at your own risk." In general I
advise completely avoiding "Do not use" publishers but then I may be more
risk averse than some.

Scott Rains

On 7/26/11 12:04 PM, "Roger Loran Bailey" <rogerbailey81@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>That is not necessary. The do not use list was compiled because a lot of
>volunteers were upset that the books they had worked on had been replaced
>publisher quality copies. It is part of the Bookshare agreement with the
>publishers that their copy be the only one on the site. So that
>would not have to face their submissions being replaced a list of
>that Bookshare had agreements with was compiled. There is no way to tell
>when or if a publisher's submission will replace a book. It could be
>tomorrow or it might be never. If you want to work on a book that is on
>do not use list it is perfectly okay and it will at least be available
>subscribers to read until it is replaced if it is replaced. If the
>does not have it in electronic form it just might never be replaced.
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>>A book I had held for me: "Men, Martians, and Machines" by Eric Russell
>>published by Crown Publishers. This is a "do not use" on the list of
>>publishers. Should I release it?
>> Tim
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