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That is not necessary. The do not use list was compiled because a lot of volunteers were upset that the books they had worked on had been replaced by publisher quality copies. It is part of the Bookshare agreement with the publishers that their copy be the only one on the site. So that volunteers would not have to face their submissions being replaced a list of publishers that Bookshare had agreements with was compiled. There is no way to tell when or if a publisher's submission will replace a book. It could be tomorrow or it might be never. If you want to work on a book that is on the do not use list it is perfectly okay and it will at least be available for subscribers to read until it is replaced if it is replaced. If the publisher does not have it in electronic form it just might never be replaced.

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A book I had held for me: "Men, Martians, and Machines" by Eric Russell is published by Crown Publishers. This is a "do not use" on the list of publishers. Should I release it?


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