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If you're still looking for books to scan, I'd love to see The Wood Wife by
Terri Windling rescanned.  I've wanted to read this book for a long while,
but Bookshare's copy is in fair condition.
Whichever books you decide to scan, thanks for making the offer.  This is
what's so great about Bookshare ... we build the collection with things we
want, whether they be for work or school or just downright for fun.


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Hi all:


I'm just wondering if anyone had anything they wanted to see added to the
collection.  I'm looking to scan some things soon, and will gladly scan
things if people want to validate them.  I could also rescan things on the
Fair list if that's what's needed also.  Just let me know.  Feel free to
reply here or write me privately.


Thanks, and take care,




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