[bksvol-discuss] Re: Scanning requests anyone?

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Hey can you get

Kon Tiki

Journey across the Pacific in a Raft

I believe that is the title, smile.

I scanned the bugger twice, but had bad old yellowed copies both times, so 
didn't come out the way I hoped and darn it I want to read this.

But I won't validate, smile, as I have so much on my plate.


Eight of the Bailey School Kid books are missing from the collection.

The titles and stuff are on jake's site, might be nice ti fill out the 
series, but I can't access the last eight books.

happy scanning.

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Hi all:

I'm just wondering if anyone had anything they wanted to see added to the
collection.  I'm looking to scan some things soon, and will gladly scan
things if people want to validate them.  I could also rescan things on the
Fair list if that's what's needed also.  Just let me know.  Feel free to
reply here or write me privately.

Thanks, and take care,


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