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Hello, Becky,

I recently scanned a book entitled "The Seat Beside Me."  I believe it was a 
trade paperback as it was the size you mention and had very thin pages.  I got 
a poor scan in that extraneous letters appeared randomly, such as carets, 
capital i, etc., and I got di for th throughout the book.

Luckily Mike had saved a suggestion that was given by Monica Williard (THANK 
YOU Monica).

She suggested turning off the following 
white on black
language analyst

These options are in the classic openbook menus under scanning.  I rescanned 
some of the worst pages from the book, and turning off those options made a 
world of difference.

Also, someone suggested putting a piece of white paper between the pages when 
you scan.  I tried that but it made holding the book quite awkward.  But if 
your scan is really poor, you might try that.

But Monica's suggestions should really help.  Please let us know how it works 

And, Monica, as you are in the Christian Fiction book chat, you might want to 
consider "The Seat Beside me" for discussion; it was worth the troubleof 
scanning--a very good book.  And, while I'm at it; Lissi, thanks for the book 
which is now in the collection!

Enough for now.

Cat Lover Lori

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  I have done some scanning of what I think is called a "trade paperback", 
which comes down to being a rather inexpensive paperback, about maybe 6 by 8 
inches, like the Harlequin Romances are, for example.

  I think the print quality isn't great or something because I can't get a good 
scan. I'm most frustrated. Is there any way to improve the quality? I'm using 
Open Book 7.02.

  And, please, don't go too techy, or I won't get it! Thanks.

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