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what happens when you scan those books?  The reason that I asked is I am having 
trouble to with a book that is a harlequin   so I bid on a hp 5200 scanner on 
ebban and I won it so it may have been the book all along but I checked on the 
list of scanners that work with openbook and the one that I got from ebay is on 
that list and the one that I have is not.   Amber.  G.
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  I have done some scanning of what I think is called a "trade paperback", 
which comes down to being a rather inexpensive paperback, about maybe 6 by 8 
inches, like the Harlequin Romances are, for example.

  I think the print quality isn't great or something because I can't get a good 
scan. I'm most frustrated. Is there any way to improve the quality? I'm using 
Open Book 7.02.

  And, please, don't go too techy, or I won't get it! Thanks.

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