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  • Date: Sun, 02 May 2004 12:01:42 -0500

Can Fine Reader scan in Gray scale. I find scanning with that when there's probs like the one you describe, helps a lot. Also, Fine Reader though very customizable, smetimes causes problems because it is so cusomizable. It almost takes a sighted person to make it work,. That's why if you have the money or the demo, k1k or Openbook (shudder) might do the trick for you.

At 08:35 AM 5/2/2004, you wrote:
Hello all.

So here I was thinking that I had a free weekend, no work, it's raining
outside, the vet ordered restricted walking for my dog to help a sprained
shoulder heal, and I have a pile of books.  What more could a person want?
Well, okay, let's not go there.  <smile>

It seems, though, that my pile of books contain some real scanning ogres.
I'm wondering if there are any tricks I can employ to make the scans better.
Understand that given your basic novel, such as the Alice Walker novel I
submitted Saturday morning, I can usually get a nearly flawless scan the
first time through with the settings I typically use.

One of my problem child books is one that contains many quoted passages from
other experts in the field.  In these quotations, (and there are a lot of
them), the scan turns all f's into j's, so that I consistently get words
like oj, jor, jorm, jrom, jundamental, and jurther more.  So okay, find and
replace knocked these back to a manageable handful.  Then I notice in the
same book that whole passages are illegible.  I'm not sure of the cause, but
am guessing that some funky font is being used as other parts of the book
that are straight text from the author come out great.  The book is good
quality paper, kind of thick and slick, and I've rescanned pages that are
troublesome with no improved results.  I increased the resolution which
slowed the scan and helped a little, but not much.  I worked for hours on
this book yesterday and still don't have a version that I'm comfortable
submitting.  I don't like to submit anything that I'd have trouble reading

Then I have several books that are meant to be thought provoking...short
passages on each page, sometimes with additional comments from the author.
These are the kind of books that are meant to be picked up periodically for
inspiration, not read all the way through ...little pocket books on various
topics.  I've started scanning two or three of these, and what a mess!
Again, I'm assuming that funky fonts are used to make it look interesting
visually.  FineReader has some font selections under scanning options, but
there are a lot of them.  Any suggestions on how to guess about which ones
to change to?  There are three boxes for identifying fonts and each one has
about 30 selections.

Who would have thought these little books could be so much trouble!  Give me
a 600 page novel any day!  <smile>

Peace and Hope,

Donna, the frustrated scanner

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