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Here's what to expect when converting files to RTF and opening them at a
later time.

To convert to RTF:

1. Select Save As from the File menu..
2. Hit the Tab key once to move to the File Type menu..
3. Type R to quickly select RTF files.
4. Hit Shift-Tab to move back to the File Name field, and you'll see that
the file name now has a .RTF extension.
5. Hit the Enter key, and OpenBook will display the following message (or
close to it).  You have chosen to save in RTF format.  This may result in
loss of attributes.  It will also warn you that large files may take a
while, and it will ask you to press OK.
6. Hit the Enter key and wait for the file name to be spoken with the RTF
extension.  When you hear the new file name, the file has been saved as RTF.

Now later, after you've exited OpenBook and started it back up.

1. Press Ctrl-O or select Open from the File menu.
2. Hit the Tab key once to move to the File Type menu..
3. Type R to quickly select RTF files.
4. Hit Shift-Tab twice to move back to the list of existing files, and
you'll find the files that you saved as RTF.
5. Select the file you want and hit Enter.  You'll probably get a warning
that the file is large and may take a while to open.  If you do, then just
hit Enter again.

That should do it.


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    Hi Jonna.  Thanks for your message.  I have just discovered something
which I have never run across before, and this now, since I put in the
update to OB.  It tells me my txt or rtf files are saved, when, in fact
thaty are not; and it also tells me that the files cannot be opened.  So; I
have my book saved, but as an Ark file.  I guess that is all right, but I
don't think I am going to be able to fix it in any kind of word document.
Plus I really don't have a good word document, only word perfect and I
really don't know how to use it.  But what do you all think gives with my
getting this error message that txt and rtf files can't be opened?  I know
this isn't an Open Book list but we do talk about scanning, so hope no one
minds the question.  Took me a few minutes of trying to find the crazy files
before it occured to me that they are not really being saved.

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