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Hi, Patti. If you can get the junk characters removed, and if the text still 
makes sense and nothing is missing, feel free to go ahead and submit. Pictures 
definitely do cause junk sometimes, and if this book had pictures, that 
definitely could have done it. Take care.
Julie Morales
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  I scanned a book yesterday, took me nearly 12 hours, it was about 300 pages.  
I played with the settings, I held the book down, and discovered a couple 
things.  First, my arms hurt today, grin!  Second, if I scan with color scan, 
it takes a little longer, but there are no words missing.  If I remove color 
scan and do it the other way, there are words missing, even with holding the 
book down.  In spite of all I couldand did  try, there were incredible amounts 
of asterisks and greater-than signs and all kinds of things on the pages, some 
pages worse than others, and I suspect the pages that had pictures were the 
worst.  But, as I listened, I could understand the majority of the text.  I do 
not understand this at all, I guess I never will.  My Braille Lite is being 
repaired, so I have no display; but when I get it back I will go in and re read 
this book and take out all those strange symbols that I can.  I may or may not 
submit this book, I haven't decided.  But I just wanted to tell you my 
experience in scanning it.  I guess I just don't get how a printed book can 
have so many errors in it and why the software doesn't dismiss them.  I know I 
don't have the best scanner in the world, but it does make me wonder if it 
would make any difference. 

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