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Hi, Mary!  Oh yes, Julie is definitely right! <Smile>  It's been a while
since I've played with them, but I do remember that quite a few of them did
not read well!  I've read books that recommend the Courier font for creating
documents in Word that read well, but I think Times New Roman and other
common fonts will work okay, too.


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> Julie,
> Are you sure that there is a problem with fonts and screen readers?
Clearly, those horrid cursive-looking fonts are an ocr nightmare, and I'd
like to see them banned from books, at least those I want to scan. <smile>
> But I have never heard of a particular fancy font or script-wanna-be font
causing a problem for a screen reader. Font size can be a problem, if its
really large or really small. I've definitely heard of that, and I think it
> to do with lines and what the screen readers expect with respect to
spacing, but I'm honestly not sure. Anyway, I'm not saying a screen reader
wouldn't have the problem you describe. but I've never heard anybody
> complain about it.
> Mary

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