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Hi, Cindy. There's a problem with fonts resembling cursive or script,
though. Most screen readers, if not all of them, either won't read them at
all or don't very well. A plain, simple font works best for screen readers,
just like simple fonts usually scan the best. Take care.
Julie Morales
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I'm not Pam, but I appreciate your explanation about the rtf. I know that
when Word is converted to txt it seems to lose the pagination but I didn't
know about the fonts et al. I try to duplicate the fonts in the book, though
I had the idea that it didn't matter because they all get changed to
something even. I'm glad to know that they get retained and some people
enjoy them.  I wish there were more fonts that looked like cursive script,
though. The only one I have that comes close is apple chancery.


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