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I bet you've only worked with RTF files up to now.  I don't think I've
downloaded any other formats because volunteers tend to upload in RTF
because more people can validate them.


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Oh, guess you learn something new every day.  I always thought we were
supposed to save and upload in the original format we got the book in.
That's what I have always done, and most of my stuff has made it to the
site, so now I'm confused.
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  Hello again,

  TXT files are notorious for not having page breaks.  If I remember
correctly, Word doesn't handle TXT files properly and removes all the page
breaks when you save the file as TXT.  The trick is to open the tXT file
with Word then immediately save it as RTF or a .DOC file. until you're ready
to upload.  At that time, it should be saved as an RTF file anyway.  The
only reason I know of to convert to a .DOC file instead of to RTF right away
is that .DOC allows you to spell check the document in multiple sessions
without losing your progress and having to start over from the beginning.
Most people don't worry about that, though, and just go ahead and convert to
RTF right away.

  It sounds like the page breaks were probably missing in the original file
that you downloaded, though, which will mean an automatic rejection unless
someone can find a copy of the book and add them to the file.



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