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Bookshare runs tools on the book in the middle of the acceptance process.
That's why the upload is performed between the first and second pages.
Bookshare needs the book before it can run the tools on it.  The tools give
you the quality and adult content statistics which show up on the second
page.  That's why the upload can't be the last step when you accept a book.



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Hi Sarah, I hadn't considered moving from field to field with a screen
reader command.  It just never occurred to me. So I'll find out how to do
that, unless you know? I use window-eyes. Tthat would make a significant
difference. All I was intrested in was shortenning up the page by getting
rid of the clutter.

I would then like to ask about the validation upload page. It would seem
that once you accept, you ought to be finished. So maybe the upload button
should be the very last button. The first couple of times I validated a book
and found I hadn't actually done it because I didn't complete the second
part of the process I was a little surprised, kind-of seemed like getting
the cart ahead of the horse. Thanks Tom

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