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It has nothing to do with sex. The grant is specifically for books of an
educational purpose and romances do not qualify. At one point Carrie posted a
message on list in which she said something to that effect. It seemed clear
to me that she was just using romances and erotica as examples of what the
grant would not cover. It certainly seems to me that if romance and erotica
do not qualify then a lot more popular fiction would not either. I suspect,
that if Lissi was told in a private message that anything but romance and
erotica qualifies as educational, she must have misunderstood. It would be good
to get a clarification of what qualifies as educational for the purposes of
the grant, so I am copying this email to volunteer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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[bksvol-discuss] Romances and grants   
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I don't understand , why would Romances not be covered?  I love romances
and lots of other women do too.  If it covers SCI-FI and other fiction books
why would it not cover romance?  If it is the sex in romances they should
read some SCI-FI and mystery books, because sex is in lots of other books

I scan Harlequin books and other romance all the time so I can submit them
if there are proofreaders for them.  I want to get the rest of Catherine
books and scan them too. 

Why wont Bookshare do a training class for scanners and proofreaders like
they do for Victor Reader and Read Out Loud?  The manual does not give much
on what is the best fonts, how to do the best headers and how the auto
computers work with the scan programs.  I want the books I submit to sail
without problems and would take the time to fix them so they would. 

I set my OCR to English UK and it is doing great now and I'm scanning 50
pages a day.  I hope to get faster as I learn.  Almost every romances is in UK
English not American.  

 I have a question.  On the book I submitted.  Radha Ayalasomayajul 
Checkout the book and it says:  Active artifact id 421897 (RFT) 

Then it say Radha Ayalasomayajula Checkout Active artifact id 421898

I understand the first Radha Ayalasomayajul is proofing my rft file of the
book.  But the second part does it mean she is turning it into a Daisy book
it can be checked out?  Does she work for Bookshare?  I'm just trying to
understand the steps from my rft book file to a book that can be checked out


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