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Hi, Bud. There is sometimes a problem with files that are converted to RTF 
through Kurzweil. RTF is preferable, though, so you've got that right. It has 
to do with the conversion process. If your books are going through without a 
problem, I wouldn't worry about it. This is just a problem some people have. 
Take care.
Julie Morales
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  I have been sending my books in rtf lately converted from kes.  I hope this 
is ok since that's what I thought I read that was more desirable.  Now I'm 
confused, I didn't know there was a problem.  Please advise.

  Bud schwab
  At 12:05 PM 7/5/2004, you wrote:

    Hi, Folks,
    I finished checking "Remember When" by Nora Roberts.  But when I went to 
upload it, it said that I was not submitting rich text format.  I saved it in 
Word as .rtf, so why isn't it rich text format?  
    I sent a message to Jesse, who asked me if the book had been originally a 
Kurzweil book converted to .rtf.  I don't know, and can't remember the name of 
the person who submitted it.  Apparently, they have had some problems with 
Kurzweil-converted books in the past.  I forwarded the .rtf version to Jesse, 
so hopefully he can resolve it.  I suggested changing it to a .txt file, then 
submitting it.  No response about that yet.  I think they prefer .rtf.  Anybody 
else have two cents worth on this one?
    - Jackie McCraw
    Seattle, WA
  Bud Schwab
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  Malibu, California

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