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What I am suggesting is that it is not necessary to remove the layout info
from your file before submitting to bookshare.  You should remove the images
from the file because it will make the file lot less bulky.  You should take
the saved RTF file into Microsoft Word, and resave it like it was suggested.
This will save you some steps.


Pratik Patel
Managing Director
CUNYAssistive Technology Services
The City University of New York
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Now I'm getting confused again.  I thought it was desirable to remove the 
layout info.


At 09:07 PM 7/5/2004, you wrote:
>Hello Bud and all,
>Pratik Patel
>Managing Director
>CUNYAssistive Technology Services
>The City University of New York
>      ppatel@xxxxxx
>When you come up with RTF submission problems, use the RTF resaving method
>as has been suggested through M$ Word.  You can remove images through K1K
>but please try not to remove the layout info.  The layout info is
>significant when marking the txt as regions, paragraphs illustrations, ETC.
>The layout info does not seem to be causing the RTF problem.  The images
>not cause the RTF submission problem through Bookshare.  But the RTF file
>with images is quite bulky.  You will find that when you open the RTF in
>Word and resave with the method described, the size of the file will
>decrease enormously.
>I hope this helps.
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>Well, Shelley, I guess we keep learning.  I'll look for that and see if I
>can do it.  Sounds simple, but sometime they turn out to be more involved
>than I think.
>At 08:14 PM 7/5/2004, you wrote:
> >Hey Bud, if you want them to be really friendly, remove the Formatting,
> >though Bud, I have been submitting Kurzweil rich text all along and no
> >has had a problem yet nock on wood, as far as Kurzweil goes.
> >
> >So... am confused.
> >
> >For version 8 users, I discovered that the Formatting information can be
> >removed automatically.  You need to uncheck a box in the General settings
> >dialog, and then save the change to default.
> >
> >Found it the other day while looking for End of line hyphens, which
> >seem to work very well, sigh.
> >
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> >into many, discourage you.  There is precious instruction to be
> >got by finding where we were wrong.
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> >       -- Thomas Carlyle
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Bud Schwab
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