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New Club Focuses on Books of Interest To Teens

How would you like to join a club which would allow you to:

Find out just what is going on in your favorite musician's head while he's
performing on stage?
Learn what kids your age do when they are bullied in school?
Discover what life is like on another planet, real or imaginary?
Consider the impact war has on the development of society?
Meet blind people who have done all sorts of exciting things like working as
a traveling musician, going to medical school, traveling the world or
raising a family?

All of these adventures might be yours to enjoy if you come to the Friends
of Bookshare Teen Book Club.  (Yes, I know; that name lacks pizzazz; I'm
open to suggestions.)  

If you are interested, then join me at 6:00 p.m. Pacific; 9:00 p.m. Eastern
on Tuesday, October 21, in the Friends of Bookshare community room at

.  During the first meeting, we'll take a little time to get to know each
other and we'll figure out when future meetings will occur.  Come ready to
tell us what your favorite book is and why; that will be a fun way for us to

If you would like to contact me prior to the meeting, you may write to
broadwaydon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Your parents are also welcome to contact me; I'd
love to share the exciting news about the Book Club with them too.  

 Hope to see you there.

Don Horn

Note About the Club Leader:
Donald Horn of Bellmore , New York   has been employed for many years as a
rehabilitation counselor by the New York State Commission for the blind. He
holds several university degrees in education, psychology  and
rehabilitation counseling and is a certified  English teacher. He has
acquired significant professional and volunteer experience in teaching
people of all ages and backgrounds.   He especially enjoys working with
young people and their parents in collaborating with service providers on
planning, implementing and modifying vocational goals. 

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