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As long as the book did not originate as a Web Braille - National Library
Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped - book, or was not
published by some other electronic book publisher, you're all right.  Go
ahead and proof the book.  It is supposed to have a Library of Congress
catalog number.

Hint:  I always cut and paste the title page information to a separate Word
document, so if I need the information later to type into the Bookshare
website when uploading the book for publication, the information is easy to
retrieve.  I just call it Scratch - then a short book title name, so I can
find it easily.  I put it on the same directory as the book I am editing.
When I'm done editing the book and I have submitted it or rejected it, I
delete the scratch file.  Just a suggestion.

- Jackie McCraw

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> That expression has nothing to do with Braille books.  Many, perhaps
> all, books have Library of Congress Publication data.
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> > Hi all!
> > I just downloaded Brian's Bird from bookshare for reviewing. However, it
> says Library of Congress Catalog publication Data. Should I go ahead with
> the review, or should I reject the book?
> > Any help would be greatly appreciated, This is my first book, so I am
> at this.
> > Write me back at klg120988@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> > And let me know what you think.
> > Kolby
> >
> >

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