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Since PQ books replace volunteer submissions,  if you were to scan and proof a 
PQ book that was already in the collection, it would be rejected as that book 
is already in the collection. Volunteers cannot proof a PQ file of a book.

If a PQ book doesn’t have page breaks or page numbers or something to that 
effect, a volunteer could scan and proof that book as we want our books to have 
page numbers, etc.  If you run into a PQ book missing page numbers or something 
really important like that, we ask that you contact us and let us know before 
attempting to scan or proof it because we won’t normally accept BSOs of PQ 

Hope this all makes sense.


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I think the publisher quality books are supposed to replace the volunteer proof 
copies if they came directly from the publisher. I would check on the menu that 
I think that's the case.

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I'm not aware that PQ books cannot scanned. I know that PQ books replace  
volunteer-scanned and-proofed books in the collection, but is it true that once 
a publisher donates an ebook no volunteers cannot scan and/orproof that book?

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