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I am not Monica, but both our set of tips may help .

This is the system I use after scanning books. I do not know how it would work in validation.

First make sure  the operator set numbers are set to the page numbers.

Begin at the page where the first header is  found,
If the page number comes before the header, right arrow to the next character
Press control end to go to  the end of the header
Press control shift delete. This will remove the unwanted header leaving the page number.
Or to do a global replace, press control h and   then replace with nothing.

Press page down
If the page number comes after the header, press control end to take you to the end of the header including the page number. Still holding control end, left arrow past the numbers and then press control shift delete. Or for a global replace press control h and replace with nothing.

Many times the global will replace a large number of headers leaving only the page number.

I then go through the entire book one page at a time, removing missed headers and checking if the page number matches the operator page number.

This is a little time consuming, but it is very effective.

Hope this helps,

Jim Pardee

At 11:20 PM 9/20/07, you wrote:
Monica, when you get time, please share with the list, tips on removing headers. I know, I would be interested in any tips you have, and I'm sure there are others also.
Jim Rawls

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