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Okay, I think I get that. So I'd put a caret the letter m and would I put a 
 period too? Or just the caret followed by the m? Thanks.
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Hi Megan,
    I  think I can help you figure out how to check for the number of hard 
page  breaks in a book when editing with Microsoft Word.  
    In  Word, a page break is denoted when using find and replace by ^m.  
So, If  you place that character string in both the find and replace boxes 
and take  note of the number of replacements made when you execute the 
replacement,  you'll know how many pages are in a book.  What the instructions 
 amber posted are telling you to do is to replace a page break with a page  
break and note the number of replacements.  What you're doing is sort of  
tricking Word into counting pages for you.  
    If  you want to eliminate soft page breaks, you can increase the paper 
size in the  page setup dialogue.  If you make your paper size something 
really long,  22 inches, for instance, then Word is tricked again into not 
inserting soft  page breaks and confusing you with them.
    I  realize I haven't described keystrokes for achieving these things.  
If  you want me to do that, I will.  Just hoping that an explanation of what 
 you're trying to achieve might spark the light for you!
Keep asking if you  still have questions.

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Hmm. Well, I don't exactly understand how I'd figure out how many hard  
page breaks there are, but I'm glad to know they'd accept it. It seemed like  
they were getting so picky with everything that they wouldn't. But hey, if  
they're okay with it, can you just resubmit it as is and put hold for Megan 
in  the title? That way I can finish reading it and will mark it for 
approval. I'm  so confused about the whole page number thing I wasn't sure what 
do. Sorry  and thanks for letting me know what they said.
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My note I got  says the following:
Dear Amber
Thank you for your efforts to prepare a book for  Bookshare. We are 
contacting you because your submission, Deep Drive: A Long  Journey to Finding 
Within by Rob Bradford, Mike Lowell has  been marked for more editing 
before publication on  Bookshare.org.
We invite you to contact
_volunteer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (mailto:volunteer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx) 
if you  need more information regarding this submission. We appreciate the 
time you  spend contributing to Bookshare.org, and look forward to 
continuing  to
build the collection together.
Below are some of the specific reasons for the request  for further editing 
of this submission:
To the rejecter: I am returning this book to the  checkout queue since 
there are 274 hard page breaks in it, which is just  fine. In fact, I'd approve 
book as is. The reason you see over 400  page breaks is because your editor 
is counting soft page breaks as well as  hard. Please ignore the soft page 
The only reason they are  present is to tell you that if you were to print 
the book on a printer,  that's where the next page would start. If you want 
figure out how  many hard page breaks there are, please do a global replace 
of page break to  page break (which is ^m in MS Word) and look at that 
Thank  you,
The Bookshare Team
Book blog:
I  have accepted a seat in the House of Representatives, and thereby have  
consented to my own ruin, to your ruin, and to the ruin of our children. I  
you this warning that you may prepare your mind for your  fate.
John Adams
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