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  • Date: Thu, 01 Jan 2009 19:27:30 -0500

Hi all,

Shellie, glad you spoke up. Yes, the page numbers didn't scan, and there are a couple of places where the fractions are weird. What I think I may do is go as far as I can, and then I'll talk to Cindy after she gets the book.

As I mentioned, there were a few occasions where the ingredients came after the 'method'. This makes no sense, so I figured that the ingredients were probably in a sidebar or column on the right side of the page. That would make them come after the 'method'. So I've switched 'em. Let me see how far I can go with this. It's not so bad if you use the BN. I'll make a list of page numbers that have weirdnesses in the fractions. I have several occasions where there is just an h sitting by itself in the middle of nowhere. I suspect that this is a 1/2 mark judging by the way the recipe is made. But I'll go through the thing with Cindy and we'll get it done right.

Ann P.

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