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I've done exactly as Mayrie suggested for several other books that had this same problem, Ann. While it sounds like a pain in the rump, it really works and makes for a better quality book.

Judy s.

Mayrie ReNae wrote:
Hi Ann,

        What I would do is to make the page numbers follow on the line of
each chaptername given in the table of contents, correspondingly.  Then, I'd
number the first page of the first labeled chapter or story with the page
number of it given in the table of contents.  Next I'd number all of the
pages on which things listed in the table of contents begin.  After you have
accurately labeled the beginning page of each thing named in the table of
contents, I'd make sure that the page numbering actually corresponded
properly and correctly with the page count in the book, telling me that
there are no missing or duplicate pages, then number the pages in between
the section/chapter/story headings.  If the numbering ends up off, you'll
have to look for missing or duplicated pages by looking at the beginning and
end of each to make sure the text follows.  With any luck, your page numbers
will all be okay and you won't have to fuss with removing duplicates or even
worse, figuring out where missing pages might be supposed to go.
        In short, I wouldn't get rid of the table of contents.  I'd fix it,
then use it to help you number pages accurately in the book by using the
headings in the table of contents to guide you.  It does sound like rather a
lot of work, but will be appreciated by readers later.

        Do you want to strangle me now for suggesting such a
pain-in-the-butt task?  You won't be the first.  And I do know how difficult
this job can be.  But it really will help readers later on.

Good Luck!


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Hi folks,

I have a problem, and I'm hoping you all can tell me what to do. I've got a book here with a table of contents which is all katty-wampus! The titles of the sections are fine, but the page numbers are all below the titles in a glop. In addition, the book has no page numbers.

Should I add numbers?  Should I nuke the TOC?  Help!

Ann P.

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