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I guess I'll step in and say it was me who scanned those books. I love scanning. I don't think any of you know, but I had to take an incomplete in a class over the summer, thus holding up my graduation by a semester, just having to finish up that one class. I had a professor who at the beginning of the class was sure I couldn't do the work, (it was a logic course), but with a lot! of work and effort, I am showing him. he has really come around, and we are collaborating on a journal article on different teaching methods for logic. I take my final final of my college career tomorrow afternoon. I plan to take a week off, hanging with friends, doing a little partying, and some scanning, too, for bookshare, before I head home, where we hope to welcome my second nephew into the family over the holidays. The scanning I did for bookshare really helped keep me grounded with all the craziness going on, and i thank Lissie for sending them to me to scan. I really enjoy doing things for Bookshare and think that we have a great community. Just keep looking for books from me in the future as I look for jobs. *sigh*
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