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Well, I don't know of too many people who had tech support problems with the 
Plustek OpticBook 3600.  After that, however, I'd use whatever's current in the 
Epson Perfection line or check the refurb stock.
Btw, if rudeness by any particular employee is going to be a reason never to do 
business with a manufacturer, we might as well go back to stone tablets. <grin>

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  Hi, everyone!  Looks like my scanner has died.  I've been using an Epson 
Perfection 1660, and K1000 keeps saying that every page I scan is blank.  I've 
tried several books with it, and I'm not seeing the light come on after the 
scan is done.  Can anyone recommend a good replacement?  Do the Epsons still 
work pretty well?  If Laura Ann hadn't had so many horror stories with their 
tech support, I would consider the OpticBook.  However, I have no intention of 
supporting a company with rude tech people... I deal with enough rudeness in my 
ministry work!! <LOL>  Thanks!!


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