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I have also had great luck with Epson scanners. I used an Epson Perfection 2400 when I was living in another part of the country. Then, after moving, I bought a refurbished Epson Perfection V100 for $75 including shipping last April and it's worked excellently since then.

Also, when I've heard people ask on the K1000 support list, Epson comes up as one of the most frequent manufacturers recommended.

One problem with the Epsons that I have found though is that installation can be difficult if you rely solely on speech access. One way to get around this is to go to Epson's web site after getting the scanner and installing just the drivers for your particular model. That's a good idea anyway, since the ones you get on the CD can be outdated. I know the ones for my current scanner were.


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Hi Jana,

I'm so sorry you're having scanner problems.

I use an Epson Perfection and have had good results with it. Before that I had
an HP scanner that I used for 11 years.


On Sun, 14 Dec 2008 23:55:18 -0600, jana Jackson wrote:

Hi, everyone!  Looks like my scanner has  died.  I've been using an Epson
Perfection 1660, and K1000 keeps saying that every page I scan is blank. I've tried several books with it, and I'm not seeing the light come on after the scan is done. Can anyone recommend a good replacement? Do the Epsons still work pretty well? If Laura Ann hadn't had so many horror stories with their tech support, I would consider the OpticBook. However, I have no intention of supporting a company with rude tech people... I deal with enough rudeness in
my ministry work!!  <LOL>  Thanks!! Jana
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