[bksvol-discuss] Recieved approval for this romance, Live-In Lover.

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Hi Everyone, Another approval, Enjoy,  Tom
Date:  07-14-06

Category:  Romance

Pages:  251

Title:  Live-In Lover


Author:  Lyn Stone         


Copyright:  2001 by Lynda Stone


Short Synopsis: A Silhouette Romance


ISBN:  0-373-27125-5


Long Synopsis:  FROM THE BACK COVER: In ten years with the FBI, Damien Perry 
had posed as a drug lord, a terrorist, even a hit man.  Now the thrill was 
gone.  But what would he do if he quit? Maybe the answer was in the mail, on 
the card from Marian Olivia Jensen, Molly, as he remembered her.  The earthy 
redhead who aroused unfamiliar fantasies of a wife and family in his jaded 
soul.  Molly Jensen was finally safe from her menacing ex-husband, until he was 
released from jail.  Now the threatening phone calls would not stop.  Molly 
knew there was only one man who could help her, Damien Perry.  His charade as 
her live-in lover was ingenious, but how long could he pretend to be pretending?


Notes:  Copyright verified by a sighted person.

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