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Hi Everyone, Looks like this should be an interesting story for those who like 
intrigue and romance. Enjoy, Tom
Date:  08-18-06

Category:  Romantic Intrigue 

Pages:  577

Title:  Fortune is a Woman


Author:  Elizabeth Adler


Copyright:  1992 by  Elizabeth Adler


Short Synopsis: FROM THE FRONT COVER: A runaway heiress, a legacy of shame, an 
empire built on blood and revenge. 


ISBN:  0-440-21146-8


Long Synopsis:  FROM THE BACK COVER: The three met in the aftermath of San 
Francisco's devastating 1906 earthquake, the Mandarin Lai Tsin, a runaway 
American heiress, and a young Englishwoman.  Against all odds they made their 
dreams come true, building one of the world's largest trading companies and 
most luxurious hotels.  They had only each other and bloody secrets to bury 
even as they rose to dizzying heights, wary of love yet vulnerable to passion 
in its most dangerous forms.  The Mandarin would pass his multibillion dollar 
empire only to the women in the Lai Tsin dynasty, along with one last 
devastating truth.


Notes:  The copyright has been verified by a sighted person.

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