[bksvol-discuss] Recieved approval a thriller you just may enjoy.

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Hi Everyone, Recieved approval for the following. Enjoy, Tom
Date: 08-19-06 

Category:  Thriller

Pages: 378 

Title:  Missing


Author:              Sharon Sala


Copyright:  2004 By Sharon Sala


Short Synopsis: FROM THE BACK COVER: Mystery and intrigue


ISBN:  0-7783-2084-7


Long Synopsis:  FROM THE BACK COVER: He'd witnessed the ravages of war 
firsthand as an army special ops, but nothing could have prepared Wes Holden 
for the senseless death of his own wife and son, or the private nightmare that 
followed.  An empty shell of a man, he is unable to do anything but survive.  
Until the day he walks into Ally Monroe's yard.  Raised in the isolated 
mountains of West Virginia, Ally faces a bleak future spent caring for her 
stern widower father and two brothers.  But that doesn't stop her from dreaming 
that a stranger might walk into her life and transform her lonely existence.  A 
special bond forms between Wes and Ally, but as Wes emerges from his haze of 
pain, his soldier's instincts kick in.  There's danger in the mountains, a 
place chosen to hide a thriving illegal drug business. Far worse, the threat is 
closing in on Ally, and time is running out.


Notes:  The copyright has been verified by a sighted person.

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