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I make MP3s with Kurzweil, so that my husband and I can listen to books in the kitchen while we eat. I was annoyed by the slowness when I first started to make them, too. I first made them with Kurzweil in Windows 98, because Kurzweil crashed less in 98. I have Xp on the same computer, and one time when I wanted to make another chapter of a book in to an MP3 I was using Xp and didn't want to bother switching. I found that it made the MP3s way faster and didn't bog down my computer while it did it, so I could still do other stuff. Now I never make MP3s in Windows 98.

Now thanks to a reinstall of Xp and Kurzweil I don't have crashes anymore, so using it is no longer annoying for that reason, either.

I'm sure I can't speed up your computers performance, but if you need any other MP3 creation tips for Kurzweil let me know.

Have the people that have used Kurzweil as well as other software done testing to determine that the other software is faster? Could it be the codec being used? I also wonder if the voice being used makes a difference. I've only used via voice for books.

Sarah Van Oosterwijck
Assistive Technology Instructor

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Hi Everyone,

I hope these aren't stupid questions, but I'm trying to deside how I should read my books that I'm downloading from BookShare.org.

Right now, I read them either on my Voice note or my computer, but I wanted to make some of them into MP3's and I have had problems with doing that with Kurzweil 1000. It's like it took almost a day to convert one book to MP3, as it had to read it. One Star Wars book, it took 2 days. lol.

I know I'm doing something wrong, so please don't laugh too hard. lol.

What is the best program to make mp3 files out of brf files.

My next question is this:

I have the PlexTalk recorder from Plextor and I love it! It was one very expensive item that I bought after arriving home from Oregon in June of 2003, and one loving item that Vernon brought out to me outside on that night of June 24th, 2003, when we were hit with that awful f4 tornado.

My question is this. If I download the daisy player from BookShare, can I put these books on my PlexTalk and read them as well in Daisy format?

Also, what book reader are you all using when reading books on your computers?

Thanks much.

Pat Ferguson

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