[bksvol-discuss] Re: Raymond's Room missing pages 66 and 67.

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Hi all,

Wo, Darrell, it's not permitted to use a whole book from Web Braille, but if somebody gets the print copy and sends you the two pages, isn't that the same as you're getting the braille copy, back translating it, and using the two missing pages? I think there is a dicotomy here. If you could, wouldn't you get the book in print and scan it, or type it in? So, you get the Web Braille copy. What's the difference here, I don't see it. Maybe I'm dense, probably I am.

Ann P.

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Hi Jackie,

Yes.  I have a Web Braille account.  Although I can certainly read the text
from that copy, I believe it is quite technically not permitted for us to
use it as a source for fixing our books.  I'm sure this is a bit of a gray
area, as a couple of pages here and there could probably be considered fair

Thanks for the good idea.  :-)

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