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thanks, Evan; this is a great explanation!

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A raw scan is simply a scan that has had nothing done to clean it up, no font 
standardization, nor any formatting of the pages after scanning. The scanner 
simply put the pages on the scanner, scanned and recognized them, and that's 
it. Depending on the quality of the print, and the complexity of the formatting 
of the book, and, of course, the ability and conscientiousness of the scanner, 
a raw sscan can be of excellent quality. For example, a raw scan of a hardcover 
novel, if done by someone who knows what they're doing, might require very 
little work. The proofreader would have to format the pages, and remove the 
occasional scannoe and/or junk characters, remove the headers, and a few other 
things such as adjusting the fonts, and that's probably about it.

Having said that however, I would never submit a raw scan myself. I format the 
pages, do searches for various junk characters, standardize the font size and 
type, remove the headers, line up the margins, and some other stuff before I 
submit. That way, the proofreader can concentrate on the text and adjusting the 
fonts where needed.


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  It is my understanding that a raw scan could have pagination issues, among 
other things. Usually they would require a sighted proofer (not always though) 
and perhaps a copy of the print book. I would check with the scanner and see 
exactly what issues are there.

  On Thu, Dec 20, 2012 at 8:27 AM, Martha Rafter <mlhr@xxxxxxx> wrote:

    Hi Folks, 
    Exactly what is a raw scan?  I took one from the check-out list and of 
course then thought that I might not be able to do it.  Does a raw scan require 
a sighted proofer?  Thanks!

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