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Here is a post I wrote about it last week.

Rank spelling is a great feature in Kurzweil 8 and up, which A, tells you what 
percentage of the words in your document are recognized in the dictionary, and 
B it makes a list of all the misspelled words for you to look through. 
In the dialog box where it lists the misspelled words, you are able to read the 
misspelled words in context, fix the errors, add the words to the dictionary, 
and other such things. It works very similarly to Kurzweil's spellchecker, but 
in this case the misspelled words are in order of their most frequent 
occurrence, where as doing a normal spell-check fixes the errors in the order 
which they appear in the document.
This enables you to leave out some of the less occurring errors and only fix 
many of the more frequent ones, which improves the rank spelling percentage 
faster than if you had done a spell-check and gone through the whole thing.
Oh yes, to get to this wonderful rank spelling dialog box push alt O, up arrow 
once, and then enter.
There are a number of shortcuts for this dialog box which are 
spell the word in the list, control L
tell how many time it occurres in the document, space
Replace all the occurrences of the misspelled word with the replacement word, 
control R
Read the misspelled word in context , control X.
There are a few more shortcut keys . If you want to learn them you can push tab 
and then F1 on any of the buttons or controls.
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  Can I ask a stupid question? What is rank spelling and how can we find it?


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