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I have access to both Kurzweil and OpenBook, so if you need me to convert 
anything for you I will. I can hold onto that file for you, or convert it. With 
the two other files which are having all different font problems you can send 
them as well. I'll see what I can do with them for you. I am going away the 
1-15 of Sept, but if I can fix it, I'm sure it'll be done before then.. this 
weekend at the latest.
My email is

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  To anyone who can help, I have a list:

  1. I have a slightly validated Tale of Genji on kes which I cannot open but 
as I am having trouble with both of my rtf versions can I send the .kes to 
someone for safe-keeping until I get things sorted out? Even uncorrected it is 
worth saving and at 1239pp I would hate to have to start all over again.  I am 
getting a trial of OpenBook so I may be able to finish work on it there but 
even then I will need someone to open it and change it for use on OpenBook.

  2. I have Genji on rtf in WordPerfect and Wordpad and am going crazy between 
the two of them.  The WordPerfect suddenly is white on blue and I don't know 
how to change it back - I don't know how it got that way.  With both programs I 
am having trouble with print size.  I had been using a 20 (what ? ens? ems? ) 
with kes but the other programs are giving me a problem in that I cannot get 
them to stay within the screen and I cannot keep moving the text without my 
eyes going on strike. As to the print size.  I will be increasing to 20 and 
then all of a sudden the 20 is overlapping lines so that what I see is the 
equivalent of closely spaced arabic script.  I have to keep shrinking it until 
I can find a readable size which is often too small for me to see for long.  
Now I have a mixture of pages in all different sizes with footnotes even 
smaller (as they should be). The same is true for both  programs but woodpad 
lets me work within the screen more than wordperfect.  

  3. I don't know how long the trial on OpenBook is but hopefully it will give 
me time to finish Genji  but I need to solve working in one of the other 
programs or can an rtf file stand on its own and if so how do I do that.  I 
won't be able to scan after OpenBook but I hope to validate if the rtf problems 
are solved or I can get another free trial. 

  4. Last but not least.  I don't qualify for voc. rehab as I am too old and 
will never be employable because of the MS.  I cannot earn a living as anything 
over $100 a month will cost me my medcaid and I cannot earn enough to 
compensate so I am left with out any idea where to get funding for Kurzweil or 
any other equally expensive program.   I have not credit cards and no credit so 
that avenue is also closed. The social workers I know have not been able to 
help but are still looking but any ideas would be appreciated.

  This is a lot for one email so I would be grateful for any help with any 



  Still looking for the queen's cats. 

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