[bksvol-discuss] RFB & D, and scanning magazines

  • From: "Rik James" <d28rik@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2006 10:12:18 -0700

Recently there has been some mention of RFB & D.  I have been a member for a
number of years, and it was invaluable when I was in school, and I still
will check there and often find a book that is available nowhere else.

I only recently purchased the Valley Vibe special cd player to read the
Daisy Plus cd books.  It is currently being offered at signifcant discount
as they roll out the upgrade player, I think called Victor Wave.  It may
have some great new upgrade features.  But for me, this week as I've been
learning to use the Vibe, I'm liking it pretty well.  Not as fast or
powerful to navigate as reading e-text with a Bookport.  

Some reading materials such as academic things, it is good to have the
well-trained human reader.  Especialy where there are text blocks, diagrams
and other things that no matter how fancy the scanning technology gets, will
unlikely ever replace the visual reader.   

Often these days, I am wishing I could read many of the trade magazines to
which I really find essential in my work reviewing the music world.  And
scanning magazines has thus far proved to require too much garble text due
to ads and text boxes, etc.    If any other Bookshare has a method or
knowledge of where to find or a way to produce magazines, I'd like to know.

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